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Ankita & Shantanu

The Wedding of Ankita and Shantanu was a 2-day explosion in the beautiful Prainha Resort in Panjim. Their Wedding was full of amazing moments only because of our lively bride and groom. Their joy was unbelievably contagious and their love for each other something extra ordinary, pure and full of hope and dreams. It didn’t leave anybody doubting how much they adore each other.

All the people around her had such a wonderful time, including our team.

Venue: Prainha Resort by the Sea

Saumya & Karan

The Wedding of Saumya and Karan was an intimate, heartfelt beachwedding style of a day full of love and laughter.

This bohemian style wedding (check the bride barefeet most of the time) was full of emotions which made our work very easy capturing the moments.

Saumya’s shining personality and their love for each other was so obvious throughout the wedding day as well as at their East Indian Pani the previous day.

Venue: Prainha Resort by the sea

Sanjana & Abhijeet

Sanjana and Abhijeet's destination wedding in Goa was a very intimate wedding with only a few close family members present.

The 2 days we were there to witness and capture their moments and love for each other were unforgettable.

It was two days of dancing and celebrating and finally committing to each other in a 4hrs long Wedding Ceremony.

Venue: The Beach House Goa

Anamica & Myron

Anamica and Myron's Afgani Hindu- Goan Catholic wedding brought together a whole bunch of different people and different traditions. Their 4-day Wedding celebrations were in the middle of the monsoon season, but were blessed with less rainy days during that time.

Traveling from UK they had put a lot of time and effort to make their wedding the most beautiful and classy indoor wedding. Miracles happen when you are using the right vendors.

Venues: Nanu Beach Resort & The Venue

Bency & Clayton

Bency and Clayton's classy Wedding in Goa in between the 2 Lockdowns was a beautiful celebration of love! From the Bride and Groom's detailed, modern style to the beautifully and carefully planned decoration at the Wedding Venue, it was a great pleasure to be capturing the memories for them.

Venue: The Riverbanks Goa

Melissa & Savio

Melissa and Savio's Wedding did not leave anybody cold!

Right from the morning till late night this Bride was so full of energy and love towards her new husband, that everybody could feel it. For us it was mostly just to keep up with the newlyweds, but it was worth it.

Venue: Don Joao Wedding Lawns | Goa

Nancy & Josethan

Nancy and Josethan's Wedding was a union of different cultures and religions. The Catholic Wedding was the 2nd day of the weekend-long celebrations. The Bride had chosen simple but absolutely stunning Wedding gown and a 6 feet long veil for this special day and looked so adorable throughout the day. With her handsome, tall husband they looked amazingly happy dancing the night away with their loved ones. 

Venue: Cajini | Goa

Nancy & Josethan

Nancy and Josethan's Hinduwedding was a lovely, intimate ceremony with mostly only the loved ones around them.

It was held on the backyard of their house in Pilerne, Goa, which provided a gorgeous, large space for their stunning decoration and Mandap.

During the ceremony we experienced some hilarious moments as well, when the groom misunderstood the Pandit's words and just went with the flow at one moment.

Venue: Family house | Goa

Aishwarya & Gulshan

Aishwarya and Gulshan had their intimate Wedding celebrations in Goa just among approx 50 friends.

In the span of 2 days after all of their private parties at  Moustache Luxuria Goa, they headed to Ashwem for a small Wedding Ceremony. 

The whole event was full fun and a lot of love.

Venue: Sea View Ashwem | Moustache Luxuria Goa

Nancy & Josethan

Nancy and Josethan's Wedding celebrations were kicked off with mixed traditions: North Indian Mehndi, Goan Roce and again the traditional Indian Sangeet night. It was a great night when nobody was allowed to refuse from dancing!

How beautifully the 2 cultures came together, each one giving their 100% to the different parts of celebrations.

Venue: Family house | Goa

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